About The Deconstruction Program

Deconstruction is a cost effective way to strip usable materials out of homes and buildings. These materials are then recycled/reused in the community rather than tossed into landfills. 

Our insured crew is capable of both small and large jobs including removal of usable materials prior to a remodeling project or a complete strip-out prior to demolition.

Our services are intended to complement those of your remodeling or demolition contractor.


The deconstruction program is offered to help you offset costs of demolition or remodeling with a tax deduction for the materials we remove, lower your waste removal costs by reducing the quantity of debris taken to landfill, and conserve landfill space by keeping reusable materials out of the waste stream.

Materials salvaged in the process will go to help supply the ReStore with quality, affordable materials to be made available to the public, support Habitat for Humanity's mission to eliminate substandard housing, and create new living wage job opportunities in the Wisconsin River area.


We would be happy to come and look at your residential or commercial project to discuss your removal options. All materials we salvage are tax deductible. When we complete a job, you will receive an itemized receipt for tax purposes. 

Please understand that salvage projects are very labor intensive. When considering a project, the ReStore must compare the amount of materials we will be able to salvage versus the cost of labor, transportation and storage. We, therefore, cannot accept all projects that are offered to us. For more information on what we can and cannot accept, please click here.

To schedule a project or ask further questions, please click here​.

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