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Deconstruction Program Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in using our deconstruction service! Please read through the guidelines below to see if your project is a good ­fit with our service. For more information on the service in general, please click here.


Typically, we deconstruct full-sized kitchens. We also deconstruct items from houses that are scheduled to be torn down. We deconstruct additional rooms on a case-by-case basis.


  • All items must be in good condition

  • Appliances must be in good working order

  • Cabinet sets must be less than 20 years old

  • Cabinets must not be built in place and not be refaced nor repainted

  • The project must be large enough to warrant the cost of deconstruction*


Due to a fi­nite amount of staff and equipment, we sometimes turn down projects in order to maximize our contribution to Habitat for Humanity’s mission. We cannot commit to small projects, such as single-item or bathroom deconstructions. 


While there is no mandatory fee for some of the larger projects, it costs Habitat approximately $300 in staffing, insurance etc. to conduct a deconstruction. Therefore a $100 mandatory fee will be needed for smaller deconstructs, i.e. small kitchens and decks.  These fees are determined by the ReStore Director.  Please consider an additional fi­nancial donation to fully or partially cover the costs of your project.  All donations support Habitat's mission of building affordable housing and helping our community remain in their home safely.

*All proceeds from the Habitat Deconstruction Program benefi­ts Habitat for Humanity of the Wisconsin River Area’s homeownership program for low-income families and our repair program for seniors and veterans.

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