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ReStores are the retail arm of Habitat for Humanity. ReStores are similar to other thrift shops like St. Vincent's or Goodwill, but focus more on building supplies and home improvement items like appliances. The ReStore concept began at the affiliate level, when an enterprising affiliate realized that selling their left-over construction materials made sense. Since then, the ReStore concept grew quickly within the HFH world - spreading from Canada to Texas, and into almost every state in the country.

Habitat for Humanity of the Wisconsin River Area began a ReStore on a very part-time basis in an old pole shed in Prairie du Sac. In 2011, we started our first genuine ReStore by sub-leasing retail space on 8th St. on Baraboo's far east side. This space even had indoor plumbing!

When our sub-lease was over at the end of 2014, we purchased our own building on an even busier street. Though owning our own property has potential hazards, we took the plunge and bought the building - moving into ownership ourselves!

In April of 2016, Habitat for Humanity of the Wisconsin River Area decided to open a second ReStore - this time in Portage

Profits from our ReStores will help us build homes for those in need. They also help keep tons of materials out of area landfills!

The Team
James Reusch

Baraboo  Manager

Steven Wruck

Baraboo Donation Specialist

Jessica Springer

Baraboo Associate

Mary Befara
Stuart Koehler

Baraboo Cashier

Baraboo Associate

Alyssa Steinbach
Cliff Calhoun

Portage Manager

Portage Associate 

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